We were tired of the fundraising process too, so we built the upgrade it needed.

We're empowering leading investment managers to prioritize people over paperwork and realize the full potential of their investor relationships.

Our mission is to power investor identity information for the entire alternative investment ecosystem.

We built one of the largest venture fund administrators around, ran compliance for one of the biggest banks in the US, and built products for one of the most impactful investment firms there is.

We've seen every costly mistake out there. Now we're making sure you don't make them.

Trust and Security

The data we collect can be extremely sensitive. These are some of the things we do to protect you and your data.

Get access to our security documentation, including our SOC2 report, data security policies, and more on our security portal.

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All data is encrypted at rest using AES256 or better and in transit using TLS1.2+.

2-Factor Authentication

Passthrough supports 2-factor authentication. Learn how to enable it on your account.

AICPA SOC 2 Compliant

Passthrough undergoes annual SOC 2 audits to verify the privacy and security of our information systems and internal controls.

Penetration tested

Passthrough hires third parties to simulate cyber attacks on our systems to proactively search for vulnerabilities.

Built on Google Cloud

Passthrough uses Google Cloud for our backend infrastructure. Google Cloud is a market leader in security and are compliant with all of the relevant data industry standards, including ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, and AICPA SOC.


Compromised credentials are the #1 attack vector in the industry. By default, Passthrough will not ask you to create yet-another password. Instead, we authenticate you through your email with a short-lived expiring sign-in link.

Multiple layers of isolation

Passthrough is built from the ground up with a secure-by-design architecture. All of our services are containerized and executed by Google's fully-managed serverless architecture using multiple layers of isolation. This means we do not maintain servers or even virtual machines for attackers to target.

Robust internal controls

Our team follows robust internal controls which we've arrived at in collaboration with our compliance partners. You can contact security@passthrough.com for additional documentation or to report a security incident.

Meet the team

Ben Doran

COO & Co-Founder

Alex Laplante

CTO & Co-Founder

Tim Flannery

CEO & Co-Founder

Garrett Butler

Head of Client Operations

Mark Mangion

Head of Financial Crime

Colleen Twomey

Partnerships Lead

Cassie Gharnit

Demand Generation Manager

Benny Weisman

Account Executive

Conner DuBois

Account Executive

Brie McElroy

Executive Assistant

Adrian Rovira

Financial Crime Compliance Analyst

Will Ferguson

Financial Crime Compliance Analyst

Pamela Castillo

Client Support Manager

Courtney Rogers

Client Support Manager

Delia Thai

Client Support Manager

Dominic Iacozili

Law Firm Experience Manager

Claudia Wadolowski

Onboarding Manager Lead

Noah Ezer

Onboarding Manager

Samantha Umani

Onboarding Manager

Sherese Baskerville

Onboarding Manager

Justis Midura

Product Manager

Elan Gefen

Product Manager

Eva Chau

Product Designer

Patrick Robertson

DevOps Engineer

Tiago Lira

Software Engineer

Joseph Tibbertsma

Software Engineer

Ricardo Busquet

Software Engineer

Matthew Wu

Software Engineer