Fund closing software designed for the internet.

The idea for Passthrough was born from observing the fund closing process. The opportunity for improvement was evident. Attorneys and paralegals spend too much time tracking signatures and reviewing documents for completion. Investors spend far too long answering questions that are not relevant to them. The end product of the fund closing process is a PDF that needs to be reviewed by an analyst to collect the relevant data. Passthrough solves these problems by moving the fund closing process online; now subscription documents can be distributed via email, submissions are checked for compliance in real time, and documents can be executed electronically. Passthrough simplifies the closing process for you and your clients, resulting in a better experience with less time spent.
Meet the Makers

Our Team

Alex and Ben started Passthrough after working together at Carta for 3 years. Alex led engineering on our team, and Ben worked in operations and product.

Founder - CEO
Ben Doran
Founder - CTO
Alex Laplante
Daswell Davis