Fixing the fundraising process, together.

Before starting Passthrough, our team got to know subscription documents as a service provider and tech platform.

We’ve felt your pain and built Passthrough to fit into your process (instead of asking you to fit into ours). Get ready to be treated like a customer too.

We’re not a fund administrator, law firm, or investor portal. We just make their lives easier.

Working with Passthrough gives your team the flexibility to spend time on what matters. Ready to learn more?

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Fund Administrators
Data how you need it

Passthrough collects banking details, contact information, permissions, and whatever else you need. Export data into whatever format you require or build an API connection.

Law Firms
Focus on clients and not collecting signatures

Follow investors in one place. Generate fund closing trackers on demand.  Send closing volumes automatically.

Tech Partners
Connecting you to the fundraise

Integrate with Passthrough through custom excel exports or build an API connection. Already have information on investors? Passthrough can take data from your systems to prefill subscription documents for your clients.