Effortless KYC & AML built for private capital

Screen your investors and monitor against sanctions lists so you know exactly who you're letting into your fund.

Trusted by over 650 leading funds

Custom document collection workflows plus comprehensive screening


We build custom document collection workflows for investors to provide the required ownership docs, down to the ultimate beneficial owner.


Our team or yours reviews the investor’s documentation to validate their identity.


Our team automatically screens investors against sanctions lists to provide recommendations so you can assess the level of risk before admitting investors.


Our team screens nightly and surfaces additional information on matches or potential new matches so you can mitigate any potential risks in the future.

Seamless for you and your investors

Eliminate the back and forth so you can quickly admit investors to your fund and manage your risk intelligently.


Unified investor management

See all your investor information in one place and updated in real time. Customize alerts for when anything about an investor's status changes and see detailed audit logs that show every action performed, when it happened, and who did it.


Any investor in any jurisdiction

Whether you’re in the United States, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Israel, or elsewhere, Passthrough can build workflows to collect whatever documentation is required on investing entities, down to the beneficial owners.


Seamlessly embedded into your sub doc workflow

While it’s available as a standalone product, KYC/AML is also fully embeddable into your electronic subscription documents so you can handle all of investor onboarding in one place.


Connect the dots and understand your risk

It’s not enough to screen investors just upon admittance to a fund. Every onboarded profile is authenticated and vetted against global sanctions, PEP, and criminal activity lists and kept up-to-date with daily screening.

KYC & AML solved, whatever your size or structure