Emerging Managers

Simplifying the fundraise’s last mile

Standing up or running a lean firm means making trade offs, but not when it comes to getting capital in the door. Make your firm’s first official touchpoint with its investors a professional one.

Make investor onboarding practically automatic

You run a lean shop and this may be your first raise. Lean on Passthrough to make sure your counsel, providers, and you have the tools you need to keep track of investors, keep costs low, and close the fund quickly.

Turning onboarding into your competitive edge

Emerging Manager's Guide: launch and scale your fund

Like startup founders, as an emerging fund manager you need to find product-market fit for your investment thesis, have a compelling story, possess a deep understanding of the market, understand how to differentiate yourself from your competition, and be on top of your regulatory and compliance requirements.

In the guide:

  • The pros and cons of different investor types
  • Building your firm's brand (beyond a logo and color palette)
  • How Wilshire Lane Capital built better investor relationships
  • Fund launch timeline and checklist
  • Why KYC/AML needs to be part of your early strategy
  • 5 minutes with Kristina Daybeck, Vector AIS COO

Download the full guide to build best practices to launch and scale your fund.