Established Managers

Make investor onboarding practically automatic

A streamlined solution that integrates into any existing tech stack and is flexible to all investor types.

Simplify your investor onboarding and streamline your teams

This isn’t your first fundraise, but your teams, providers, and software need to move more efficiently. Passthrough knits those groups and vendors together in a streamlined solution that integrates into any existing stack (instead of asking you to replace it).

Empowering the world’s most sophisticated asset managers

Built with every investor type in mind

Designed for how institutional investors work

Robust enough to satisfy the needs of your most sophisticated investors.
Secure and private

Your LPs' sensitive information is always kept safe with our enterprise-grade security and customizable access control.

Flexible to their operations

Your LPs can stop and start the sub doc process at any time, request legal review before signing, and download their docs to sign offline.

One place to coordinate teams

Investors' internal and external stakeholders can collaborate directly on the platform, with detailed audit trails so they track who updated what, and when.

A digital experience that retail investors expect

Intuitive enough to exceed the expectations of your most discerning investors.
Clean, intuitive UI

Give your HNWI LPs the streamlined, intuitive, consumer-grade digital experience they're accustomed to.

Flexible to their schedules

Your investors can stop and start the sub doc process at any time, or delegate completion to their financial advisor directly through the platform.

Guided questionnaires

Questions not relevant to an investor type are filtered out in real time so investors know exactly what information they need to provide.